Angelita Casares

Angelita Casares

Fearless Bootcamp Head Coach & CrossFit Coach


Tabata Bootcamp Certified
Masters in Marriage Family and Child Counseling
AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer (2015-2019)
CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

About Coach

My passion for fitness began at a very early age. I loved to be outdoors, run, climb, and attempted every sport throughout my childhood years. Basketball, softball, and dancing were my outlets throughout my childhood and teenage years.

Turning Point

However, I wasn't always as successful as I was overweight. I utilized food as a coping tool, I had excessive body pain and found myself struggling with my mental health. In my early adulthood years, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, depression, and anxiety. I was also told that I would need to have back surgery and that by the time I was 35 I would be in a wheelchair. With this shooking news, I utilized my fear as motivation to hire a personal trainer and work on my nutrition. I attended several fitness group classes and fell in love with movement again, most importantly I found my worth! I became impassioned to join the fitness industry and began training in my community. I wanted others who struggled with body image, low-self esteem, and weightloss to feel the same empowerment, joy, and fearlessness.

Motivation & Passion

My passion is humans of all ages. I believe in overall wellness; mind, body, and spirit. Most importantly, I strive to provide members with a positive and satisfying experience that inspires reassurance in their personal abilities, to fulfill their health goals, and to help enhance daily functioning.

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