Sabrina Fierro

Sabrina Fierro

CrossFit Coach

Back Squat 220#
Squat Snatch 135#
Squat Clean 175#


CrossFit Level 1
S.P.E.A.R. LEO/Military/First Responder Instructor
Full-Time Paramedic

About Coach

I started my CrossFit journey in August 2014. As a full-time Paramedic, I have several physically demanding tasks on the job, and since starting CrossFit, I have noticed a tremendous difference in overall strength and energy, both in and out of the work place. After such an eye-opening difference from the minimum amount of CrossFit programming (one hour a day), my quality of life has improved drastically, and I am driven to assist others with a willingness to better their everyday lives as well.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I love coaching people who feel like they are too broken or too old to workout. I enjoy seeing their eyes light up when they realize that they are capable of much more than they thought! I have a 65 and a 73 year old client, and both are living testaments that CrossFit really is for anyone.

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